Amsterdam The Map GPS 1.0.1

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Amsterdam The Map

GPS locator shows –without going online- where you are and how far & where your
chosen attraction is on detailed offline tourist map. Find your hotel/bike back by placing
pin. App shows closest cash machine or free Wi-Fi locations and contains information over
100 places of interest, clearly categorized. Attractive map of Amsterdam with landmarks
appearing as 3D drawings, information pops up as you touch the screen, with fast zooming
function. Shopping and nightlife areas are clearly marked. Available in English and Dutch.

No roaming costs

You don’t need any network connection once the application is installed on your phone. This
means that you avoid high roaming costs, you can stay offline and the GPS Locator still
shows you where you are and where to find the place of interest of your choice.

Personal Locations

From the moment you arrive in Amsterdam the GPS Locator shows your position on the
map. Once in your hotel, you can drop the hotel pin with the Personal Location function
marking the hotel for the rest of your stay. You can also drop a pin to show where you
parked your rented bike, or marking the location of that nice restaurant so you can find it

Places of Interest

Amsterdam The Map contains over 100 places of interest, clearly categorized with a
description, opening hours and website address. Pick one, and it will be highlighted on the
map, with an indication of how far it is away from you. The address and distance will be
indicated as well.
Want to know what attractions there are of where the closest park of market is? It’s all
included in this concise mobile city guide.

General Information

Do you need a taxi, or to withdraw money? At the touch of a button you will be shown the
nearest taxi rank or cash machine and even public restrooms.
Have you visited a museum, and wonder what else there is to do in the surroundings?
This mobile travel guide will present suggestions of interesting venues nearby.
without going online.
Want to visit the websites of a few attractions? The app will tell you the nearest free Wi-
Fi locations, where you can have free internet access and can enjoy a cup of coffee while
browsing with the ”I amsterdam” feeling.

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